Therapuetic modalities


We use various modalities to help manage pain, stimulate muscles and increase circulation. This safe and effective method of rehabilitation treatment causes little to no discomfort, and patients welcome it as part of their return to health. We use various treatments to address pain, muscle spasm, inflammation and movement to facilitate recovery and healing.  Therapeutic exercise, therapeutic ultrasound, heat, cold, mechanical traction, intersegmental traction and electrical stimulation are used as needed and prescribed per the patients needs.

Who may benefit from therapeutic modalities?

All patients who have pain, nerve compression, weakness, loss of movement may benefit from the use of therapeutic modalities. In addition, those recovering from surgery, falls and certain wounds also may use this form of rehabilitation in combination with chiropractic adjustments.

Ask your doctor.

Ask your doctor if therapeutic modalities may aid in your recovery or rehabilitation. If you are a candidate for this treatment, the addition of therapeutic modalities can begin immediately and be utilized throughout your rehabilitation.