Our services include a holistic approach based on sound medical knowledge. We specialize in non-surgical orthopedics, pain management, and physical rehabilitation. We have experience treating injuries caused by automobile accidents, sports injuries, and workplace injuries. We can help reverse the effects of injuries caused by repetitive motion, poor posture, and poor lifting habits. With decades of health care knowledge and a caring staff to support our professionals, The Back Pain Center will take the stress off of the logistics and allow you to concentrate on healing.

Our doctors understand that surgery is not always the best solution and should be considered as a last resort. If we can help avoid surgical procedures, we will help you get back to normal quicker and steer clear of long recovery times. It's our goal to work with you for the best possible outcomes and educate you about your recovery every step of the way.

We offer thorough evaluations and honest assessment of injuries to ensure patients understand all options concerning their recovery. Our doctors know back pain can severely limit daily activities and cripple patients' quality-of-live. We measure pain not only on a numerical scale but also on a personal one. Give us a call now to start your return to normal activities. We work with most insurance companies, so please inquire concerning your coverage.

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  • How long will it take?

    Since chiropractic care depends on the healing abilities of each patient, results can vary from patient to patient. Everyone responds differently. Some detect changes in a few short days or weeks. Others may take weeks to months before showing progress.

  • What if my insurance company doesn't cover chiropractic?

    Each of us has the freedom to place a different value on our health. Ultimately, good health is about personal responsibility. While an insurance company or other third party may be helpful, be careful. Don't allow a profit-motivated company to make decisions about what you do with your health. Find out how we make chiropractic care affordable for just about anyone.

  • Will I have to go for the rest of my life?

    Like your chiropractic doctor, some patients opt to continue with some type of regular chiropractic checkups. These patients show up for their visits feeling great. Their interest in wellness and prevention helps make sure that once they get well, they stay well.

  • Does cracking your knuckles cause damage?

    Studies suggest that knuckle cracking does not damage the metacarpal joints of the hand. Since there is danger of overextending already loose knuckle joints, mobilizing these and other joints of the body is best left to an experienced chiropractor.

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We are respected professionals known for enhancing the patient experience and getting the quickest return to daily activities possible.  We respond quickly to referrals and know local options for those specialties that may be necessary beyond the scope of The Back Pain Center.