Massage therapy


Massage therapy is an option for stress and tension relief as well as the promotion of circulation and mobility. Trained massage therapists can speak with the patient about specific needs and address pain or discomfort through applying appropriate pressure during treatment. Massage therapy offers patients relaxation and can accompany other rehabilitation options to promote healing. Our massage therapists are trained, directed and focused on myofascial release.  This form of muscle work is deeper and firmer.

Massage Therapy Options

Patients recovering from injury may use massage for two reasons – to relax before or after treatment or to promote healing through improved circulation and reduced stress. Massage can help promote natural movements and reduce stiffness, helping patients to recover more quickly or simply move more easily.

Side Effects

While it is often thought that massage leaves patients feeling relieved and relaxed, in some cases, particularly concerning injury recovery, patients may experience minor discomfort after massage. Speak to your doctor to ensure you are treating any pain appropriately.