Nutrition & exercise counseling


Patients who are recovering from injury or illness often forget the diet is a large part of that recovery. Ensuring your body has proper protein, vitamins and balanced nutrition can either promote or inhibit rehabilitation and recovery efforts. Our healthcare professionals can offer guidance to patients to help maintain weight or lose weight in order to promote healing and help prevent the creation of new health problems.

Nutrition issues

Patients who are recovering from illness or injury often have trouble exercising due to limited mobility; however, the professionals at The Back Pain Center may have options for patients who experience weight gain or weight loss during their rehabilitation. Additionally, if the weight issues were pre-existing, we can help with that as well.

Why focus on nutrition?

The Back Pain Center takes a holistic approach to healing. Unsatisfied with only one option, doctors invest in their patients through offering total patient care through education, technology and focus on quality-of-life. Share your nutritional goals with your doctors, and with their help, you can reach your health goals while you are also recovering from your injury or illness.