Chiropractic Adjustments


Ready to get back to normal daily activities? You could walk out of our office and back to healthy living with just a few appointments. Our doctors are thoroughly trained in adjusting the spine to encourage range of motion and flexibility – and most important for our patients, reduce pain. The Back Pain Center doctors are trained to release pressure on areas causing the most problems for patients and encourage a speedy return to work and play.

An adjustment (Chiropractic Manipulative Therapy) is a manipulation of a joint and the surrounding soft tissues.  Typically an adjustment provides immediate relief and is often accompanied by a sound called "cavitations".  Adjustments are usually very pleasant, but can be uncomfortable on occasion.  Most adjustments at our office are performed on the spine; however; our doctors are highly trained to adjust all of the joints of the body.  An adjustment restores normal motion and function to a joint and surrounding tissue to provide pain relief and allow your body to heal quickly and naturally.


Chiropractic adjustments could help patients avoid surgery or long-term rehabilitation, and the treatment is right for some patients. Adjustments promote range of motion and reduce pain in the injured area.


Some people may experience soreness after an appointment, and that is normal. It should not last longer than about one day after treatment and can often be relieved with a a simple ice pack. Make sure you communicate with your doctor concerning your level of pain. We will ask questions; we need thorough patient feedback.